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“Grant was able to provide life coaching to help me learn things I was never taught growing up…an excellent counselor that truly cares about his clients.” — Sherri

“I never thought I would be…positive, full of joy…”

“…I was seeing God work through Grant…in our marriage…through my past issues. I cannot begin to explain in words the benefit of going through this life change with Grant. I now have the tools I need…I cannot recommend him highly enough…I am not who I once was…Saddle up, put your boots on and hang on tight, because the ride you’re about to go on is going to be fun, hard, and totally worth the effort.”

— Ryan

Fun, Hard, and Totally Worth the Effort”

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Love and … Overlooking an Offense

It seems that many people are easily offended these days.  The more we talk about the need for tolerance, diversity, peace, and harmony, the more we seem to become intolerant, segregated, angry and unruly.  I’m not suggesting we just lie down and allow people to do what they will and forget about being a civilized … Continue reading Love and … Overlooking an Offense

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