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Change Can Be Good!

“During your transformation, you might feel like everything is falling apart, but in reality everything is coming together for your highest good. you’re being pushed to evolve and get out of your comfort zone so you can live and experience your true greatness. Welcome change.”

— Author unknown

I love the above quote. The pain of the past can be particularly difficult this time of year; every little thing and certain people we spend time with remind us, perhaps haunt us, of darkness that seems to pursue us like a relentless chase. When we seek counseling or coaching, we do so because something in life isn’t working for us any longer. We make a decision to draw the proverbial line in the sand and say, “Enough.” But those words sometimes feel inadequate when we begin to open the past or present because it can cause discomfort. At Chrysalis Life Change Solutions, we use techniques that minimize the reliving of such turmoil and suffering, and what does surface is dealt with and we teach you how to take every thought captive and lay it before the Throne of Grace with confidence.

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Change can be summarized in three steps, though in practice in feels a bit more complicated.  The first step in change is to change one’s mind — the way we think about something. The second is to change one’s attitude/heart — so that our new thought can make our spirit/soul receive this new teaching with conviction. The third and final step, then, is changing one’s behavior.  Change must take place in this order or you risk relapse.

More about how to make these changes next week!