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Shall We Explore Hygge Therapy?

Hygge, pronounced HOO-GAH or HYU-GAH, is a Scandinavian term with no direct translation to English. The closest term most people use is “cozy,” though that hardly does it justice. It is described as warm contentment stimulated by developing a personal environment.

Part of the reason it is so difficult to identify is because Hygge is more a philosophy and way of life based on personal choice without standardized criteria.  Hygge is about creating an environment that warms the soul, even if the same choices of environment do not work for someone else. Some of the basic design elements can be summed up in three words: 1) simple; 2) natural; and 3) intimate.

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So what does Hygge have to do with biblical counseling or life coaching? ENVIRONMENT. At Chrysalis Life Change Solutions we believe that personal change and growth requires a proper environment like a chrysalis in nature, a personal environment of peace, safety, and comfort in which one is free to explore and experience radical transformation.

Many times we recommend clients create a “me” space in just one room. That could be a man cave, a she-shed, a craft room, reading nook, or even a backyard garden.  It often does not require buying all new d├ęcor, but can begin as simply as rearranging what one already has.  Hygge is about having an environment equipped with what you like and enjoying that space alone or spending time with friends and loved ones.  That’s Hygge therapy.

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More on creating a safe, warm, and cozy personal chrysalis next week. In the meantime, I’d love to see your Hygge spaces.  Send me your favorite spaces and I’ll share some of them on this page!