Liquid Worship

I’m really uncomfortable with the notion that only music is considered a time of worship or even the idea that worship can only happen in the regular services of the church. As we grow in our relationship with God through Christ by means of the indwelling Holy Spirit, worship must become so much more. Worship is constantly fluid. Sounds very, very moist, doesn’t it? Not … Continue reading Liquid Worship

Thanksgiving is Good for Your Well-Being

Giving thanks brightens our spirits, encouraging a better attitude about self and surroundings; it can stimulate better brain function and a sense of peace; and it can reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress, including blood pressure. Continue reading Thanksgiving is Good for Your Well-Being

Husbands: Are You a Prince or a Project?

I believe in marriage. I believe that marriage can only last when a couple works at repairing and maintaining it rather than abandoning it when life as a couple becomes difficult. Marriage is one of life’s greatest blessings and rewards to me, but it still requires that I work at becoming a better husband all the time. I’ve been married for 32 years and I … Continue reading Husbands: Are You a Prince or a Project?

We Keep Coming Back to One Conclusion

No matter the type of relationship you are in; no matter what circumstance you are in; no matter the belief system from which you come, LOVE is always the answer. Our creator, whom we call God, is in His very essence, love. When we choose love, we choose God. When we choose God, we choose Christ, the physical manifestation of love. So in your struggles, … Continue reading We Keep Coming Back to One Conclusion

Love and … Overlooking an Offense

It seems that many people are easily offended these days.  The more we talk about the need for tolerance, diversity, peace, and harmony, the more we seem to become intolerant, segregated, angry and unruly.  I’m not suggesting we just lie down and allow people to do what they will and forget about being a civilized society (that would be a whole different set of problems). … Continue reading Love and … Overlooking an Offense

Love and…Relationship

God is love, as we’ve established in a previous blog via 1 John 4.8,16. He is the essence of, the origin of, and the definition of love. Love is, more often than not, a verb (an action) that is done for the betterment of another. What we identify as love is not emotion (a noun) but a response to another’s loving actions (a verb) toward … Continue reading Love and…Relationship

Love and…Mercy

Just as there are many words for sugar hidden on ingredient labels, there are several words and concepts for love strategically and subtly positioned within the pages of the holy bible.  One of these words is MERCY. To extend mercy is to withhold the wrath that someone who has offended us actually deserves in our eyes. When we’ve been wronged and the resulting anger and … Continue reading Love and…Mercy