I’m Not As Broken As the Fixer

God has a way of teaching us valuable lessons through everyday living, doesn't He? As a counselor and coach you would think my job would be all about the idea of "fixing" people. After all, everyone has a reason for doing what they do, right? They are hurting and broken, either because of choices they've … Continue reading I’m Not As Broken As the Fixer

I Haven’t Forgotten

I was eating lunch outside the office building where I work this week. It was a beautiful day with relatively few people close by (relatively few for Chicago anyway). No trees or much in the way of greenery nearby but it was a great time of peaceful reflection. Suddenly, from out of nowhere it seemed, … Continue reading I Haven’t Forgotten

Patience is More Than a Virtue 

I've been waiting on a new position for some time now. I'm usually a patient person, but after more than 100 resumes with very little response, waiting on the Lord's provision can become, shall we say, tight. I don't mind waiting for myself, but when the wait also involves my family, I become even more … Continue reading Patience is More Than a Virtue 

That’s Not Mine!

The battles of this life do not have to get the better of us. There are other options.

You Are Here

I use Google Maps...a lot.  There can be no question where Google "thinks" your destination is.  But as with all things, Google Maps isn't perfect. Until I contacted Google to make some corrections, anyone who looked for my house heard the words "You have arrived" in the middle of a cornfield a half mile from … Continue reading You Are Here

How Mr. Spock Helped Me Find Jesus

There was Mr. my home, consistently, week after week, coming up with solutions to life's problems...he helped me see that what God offered my life is what I needed.

A Little Change is All It Takes

After some good old hard work, some sweat, a grunt, a sigh, and a laugh or two, we emerge from our personal chrysalis a transformed being...better than you ever thought possible!

Practicing Grace a Key to Balanced Living

In this day and age, many people understand the idea of grace only in terms of late payments on bills.  But grace is much larger, much broader in scope than that.  It reaches out and touches us where we live. Grace does not come naturally to humans -- it really needs to be both taught … Continue reading Practicing Grace a Key to Balanced Living

Men Can Reclaim Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse commonly share these adult symptoms and more: Confusion Trust issues Relationship boundary issues Depression Need to self-medicate Fear of intimacy Risky/promiscuous behaviors Contemplation/attempts of suicide Food aversions Claustrophobia Anxiety Eating disorders Physical pains and sensations Nausea Headaches The list seems to go on indefinitely. While a few of … Continue reading Men Can Reclaim Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Could You Be Making Your Depression Worse?

  So, you're depressed.  Lots of people experience depression; many aren't even aware of it.  Doesn't matter who you are.  Anyone can develop depression. Whether or not you've taken medication, psychotherapy, pastoral care, or nothing at all, sometimes the depression returns or perhaps worsens.   Darkness can be overcome with light. But what if the depressive … Continue reading Could You Be Making Your Depression Worse?