The Upside of Being a Cracked Pot

Repairing your brokenness is always possible. You can feel of worth and useful again. It's a little like God's recycling plan.


The Usefulness of “Failure”

True failure is not about making mistakes at all; nor is it about unmet expectations by ourselves or on the part of others. True failure, in my view, only occurs when people choose to give up in the midst of opportunity.

Husbands: Are You a Prince or a Project?

I believe in marriage. I believe that marriage can only last when a couple works at repairing and maintaining it rather than abandoning it when life as a couple becomes difficult. Marriage is one of life's greatest blessings and rewards to me, but it still requires that I work at becoming a better husband all … Continue reading Husbands: Are You a Prince or a Project?

When the Victim is Male

In light of this month's emphasis on suicide prevention, all need to be aware of the trauma associated with child sexual abuse for both boys and girls. Abuse affects more than one moment in time; it changes the direction of the victim's lifetime. The victim may be a survivor in adulthood, but there is more … Continue reading When the Victim is Male

Your Exposure to Suicide is More Common Than You Think

If you've never known someone who has actually taken their own life, you most certainly have been around family, friends, or coworkers who have thought seriously about it, whether you realized it or not.

When to Use a “Reset” Technique for Better Living

"We could all do with some quick and easy down time so that we are freed to think more clearly and not react harshly or impulsively, …"

We Keep Coming Back to One Conclusion

No matter the type of relationship you are in; no matter what circumstance you are in; no matter the belief system from which you come, LOVE is always the answer. Our creator, whom we call God, is in His very essence, love. When we choose love, we choose God. When we choose God, we choose … Continue reading We Keep Coming Back to One Conclusion

Does Your Marriage Feel “One-sided?”

The importance of giving to the marriage relationship cannot be emphasized too much! Many memes and humorous anecdotes abound on social media, describing the joys of marriage or the pitfalls of marriage.  For instance, one post relayed this message: "Marriage is like a deck of cards.  In the beginning all you need is two hearts … Continue reading Does Your Marriage Feel “One-sided?”