About Us

Chrysalis Life Change Solutions emerges out of a realization that more often than not, our personal problems and our suffering are the result of someone’s choices — yours, someone else’s, or both.  If we choose not to address these issues in our lives with humility, sincerity, and intention, the suffering not only continues, but modifies. Much of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “ailments” are from unprocessed stressors that have resulted in personal suffering.  If we choose to ignore and suppress this suffering, our bodies will eventually do it for us, whether we want them to or not — we are designed to live free and full lives.

Individual problems such as addictions, anger issues, emotional disturbances, risky behaviors, and more can affect us personally but also affect those around us.  Even in subtle ways, we influence each other on this big blue marble we call home. Our marriages, our children, our coworkers, customers, clients, …are all different people because they are connected to us in some way.  In fact, the entire universe is connected in relationship. So, even the dentist, whom we only see maybe twice a year, and the cashier in our line at our favorite store are all changed just a little bit every time we meet them.  Our life’s attitude and mood (what some call a vibe) affects their vibe.  Their vibe affects all the people they see every day, and so on.  We literally change the world a little bit every day.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? So, if we don’t like the way life is going for us, something in our life is out of balance. What does that do for the rest of the world?

Just as a caterpillar utilizes all of its resources to create a chrysalis, a custom-made environment for personal transformation and change, you may need some change in your life.  At Chrysalis, we’ll help you find the balance in your life by helping you make some new choices. For you, that may mean getting rid of old habits (poor choices) and developing new habits (good choices).

It’s what we do.  And we want to see you emerge from your own personal chrysalis as a transformed person, inside and out! Contact us today for more information!