Love and…Relationship

God is love, as we’ve established in a previous blog via 1 John 4.8,16. He is the essence of, the origin of, and the definition of love.

Love is, more often than not, a verb (an action) that is done for the betterment of another. What we identify as love is not emotion (a noun) but a response to another’s loving actions (a verb) toward us.

Why review this truth? Love cannot be love without relationship. Since God is love, we know that his every action is a choice made out of love because of relationship. All that exists is because of relationship. Think about it – we are designed for relationship with one another; and what God provides (for example: earth, food, water,…) is for our good because we are designed for a special kind of relationship with those things; the planet Earth remains in its orbit because of its relationship to the sun, the moon, and the other planets; light isn’t light unless there is darkness; and plants cannot survive without the soil and the water cycle that the sun is so vitally part of; animal and human life are inextricably linked to plant life for food and oxygen to breath and maintain life; the bodies in which we live require the earth’s water as well as vitamins and minerals found in and on the Earth; even touching the soil and grounding ourselves in dirt is scientifically proven to be bring calm and peace to our existence. The sun itself is vital for our well being and stimulates the production of vitamin D within us. Iron from the Earth is necessary for the body’s production of hemoglobin as well as to make objects and buildings we use in our lifestyle choices- it is the 4th most common element in the earth’s crust. The list goes on. The point is that there is absolutely nothing that exists anywhere in the universe that is without relationship to something else; all is interconnected and it is so because of love.

I recently heard and considered this thought – if you’ve ever read a newspaper, watched television, or surfed the web by means of a monitor, you’ve no doubt been curious about the images on each of them at one time or another. If you were to put your face close to any of these, your eyes would discover a series of indecipherable and nearly microscopic dots. They make no sense up close, each appearing distinct and unconnected in any way. But as you slowly withdraw your eyes from these dots, they begin to make some sense because your brain recognizes the relationship that each dot has with the others. And if you pull back far enough, those interconnected dots form images and words. Such is the nature of God’s love – at first glance, our mortal minds cannot fathom the interconnectivity of all things and all people; we don’t want to consider the relationship that we have with those whom we might consider strangers, abusers, and enemies. This is one reason why God’s actions don’t make sense to us sometimes. But if we zoom out to see a perspective not unlike the view from an airplane at 30,000 feet, we begin to get an idea of a much larger, interconnected  picture. 

One puzzle piece is worthless without the others; and and it’s those annoying little tabs that hold the pieces together in a specific way so as to see the same picture as the cover of the box in which it came. Again, such is the nature of love. All is connected by Gods providence. But can we change the picture we see? Absolutely! We can change our choices, our attitudes, and our responses to life events in every single moment if we don’t like what we see within ourselves. Just by changing our understanding and perception of love, as you are doing through my blogs this year, the picture you are painting with your own life is changing. Those loving changes affect others and they will be changed, of for better or worse, and so on it goes…

Can you see the relationship of all things? Can you see the truth of it? Can you begin to perceive and understand the nature of God’s love? It is part the power of becoming within you. Until the next blog…


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