Patience is More Than a Virtue 

I’ve been waiting on a new position for some time now. I’m usually a patient person, but after more than 100 resumes with very little response, waiting on the Lord’s provision can become, shall we say, tight. I don’t mind waiting for myself, but when the wait also involves my family, I become even more tense and anxious.

The Lord says that if a man does not look out for the needs of his family, he is worse than an unbeliever. That would mean sin on my part, but I trust God and I know that He would not set me up to sin, so I put that out of my mind. As long as I do my part in seeking work and  His will before my own, His promise is to look out for our needs. So I waited. And waited.

I am a firm believer that God puts all the right people in the right place at the right time for the right purpose.  That means God is always at work putting His plan together. Sometimes that means we have to wait on His timing. I could have interjected my own will and made a mess of everything, but I chose to wait on God. Think about how long the world had to wait for Messiah to arrive from the time of the fall of man! God isn’t exactly known for speed by human standards.

I write this to encourage you today and to maybe help you see that even though things aren’t going your way, that doesn’t mean God isn’t doing anything. In fact, the opposite is true. The wait is also necessary to teach us to rely on Him always.

So, I’m happy to say that the wait has paid off. God has provided a new position for me and the next chapter in life for me, my family, and all that we influence is about to begin. That means everything is in place by God’s hand for our next great adventure!

One final word? I will show you just what I mean by God working, even when we can’t see it– We own a house near where the new work is located. Eight years ago, we tried to sell it, but it didn’t sell because of the economy at the time. We tried to buy a house just a few months ago closer to the work from which I recently left. That fell through as well. God has been working this out for more than eight years, even though I wasn’t aware of it until the last few days!

If life isn’t going well, there are some things to consider: 1) there are lessons to be learned in the situation; 2)God wants to be your “go to” resource in good times and times of trouble; and 3) you won’t move forward without graduating through the first two! Don’t blame God– always be assured that God is up to something wonderful as He is doing a new thing! And that is the power of becoming!


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