Purging and the Path to Balanced Living

The older I become (and hopefully more mature), the more I become aware of the unnecessary distractions this life affords us. For instance, why are there so many options at the store? Why so many possibilities in things like toilet paper or soap, dog food, or even crackers for goodness sake? Why do we pay for hundreds of channels on TV but only watch on average 3 or 4?  Why do we feel the need to have so many clothing options? Who are we trying to impress? And why do we have so many “things” in our possession?  You know, all those pictures and knick-knacks, gizmos, and doohickeys? For many people, this stuff just lies around, becoming something else to dust or vacuum around.  Many refer to this stuff as “clutter.” I’m learning to see it as something that is so much more.

Clutter feels unsettled and hopeless

Clutter, in my opinion, refers to something that needs to be tidied and put away so everything looks better.  But much of this is about materialism and it tends to be more of a metaphor for what’s going on inside the owners of it all.  What you might call “clutter,” I call obstacles.

Obstacles can get in the way of truly living.  Sometimes, in fact, the very things that we seek to bring fulfillment, meaning, and happiness in our lives become our worst nightmares. In my practice, I have heard this story more times than I care to mention.

We need light and life! We need encouragement and hope! We need a balanced life that isn’t slave to the pursuit of our own self-interests.

Are you there?  Does your life feel out of control in some way? What can you do in your life before you’re story becomes like so many other stories that share in your suffering? In a word, PURGE!

Don’t “declutter;” don’t just tidy up and make everything appear externally satisfactory.  A pig with lipstick on is still a pig and the smell of it is a dead give away. You can have everything in and around your home and in and around your life give the appearance of having it altogether and yet feel very “cluttered” and out of balance inside. Purging isn’t about getting rid of everything you own.  All things in moderation, right? I’m not anti-stuff, believe me.  I’m anti-life oppression. Just get rid of the unnecessary and excessive stuff in your life.  Get rid of the stuff that, though you might love it, weighs down your life like an oppressive ball and chain. Removing obstacles in your material existence and within your inner life can make a huge difference. The act of purging is a therapeutic way to invite healing into your personal life, your marriage, family, …

Image: http://www.freeimages.co.ukbeach walk

There are studies and even books that discuss the psychology of home.  I would agree with many of their conclusions.  I’ve learned that how you choose to live and how you choose to maintain those choices has a direct correlation to what is going on inside your mind and heart.  Imagine: the abundance of possessions, the “clutter” lying around, dust, dirt,…could very well indicate some kind of life imbalance. One of the first steps in healing the imbalance is the purge (not moving it from one place to another; chuck it). If you have three crock pots for no apparent reason, either sell or give away two of them.  You’ll feel better for it in the long run.  Likewise, confessing wrongdoing, extending forgiveness to others,…are also acts of “purging” from within that will do your soul a world of good.  Some of that has been inside you for years, even decades.  Wouldn’t it feel great to “flush” all of that old stuff? Are you an over eater, an overachiever, or an addict of some kind? There are reasons for these kinds of issues; these are only symptoms of the real problems and often purging from within and in your material world can be a very freeing start!

Along with purging, one must learn detachment as well as practicing non-attachment, the topic for some future blogs. It’s all about self-control (self-discipline).  I don’t want to see you stuck in a life that doesn’t work. If you’ve felt this imbalance or feeling of being “stuck” in your present life situation for a long time, don’t believe the labels or self-talk about life never being different for you.  It can be and it is certainly possible to make changes, beginning even now!

I can help.  It’s what I do.  Contact me for a free initial consultation. I’m passionate about getting you the right tools so you can make long-lasting life changes that will transform you, your relationships, and so much more! Whether it takes only one session or several more, I want to see your life in complete balance — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As I move to this new blogging platform, I look forward to making a positive difference in your life and that of your friends and loved ones.  I am a counselor and a life coach, yes, but I think of myself as only a guide, a “pencil in the hand of God” as I recently read about.

Most of my blog topics will revolve around such areas as balanced living, faith, marriage, parenting, family life, grief, domestic violence and abuse (especially helping those males who often unnecessarily suffer in silence but are survivors of childhood sexual abuse)… Feel free to comment, ask questions, set an appointment with me for individual or group counseling/coaching, either online or in person. Blessings to you!



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